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Principles of Expository Preaching

This course is based on the widely used textbook written by Dr. Merrill F. Unger, ThM, ThD, PhD, entitled Principles of Expository Preaching. Dr. Unger was on the faculty of the Gordon Divinity School in Boston, MA, and he was Chairman of the Old Testament Department at Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Unger has great communicative skill, and in this small volume he provides an excellent and thorough treatment of the principles of expository preaching, as you can see by reading the lesson contents below.

You will have to buy the book for this course. This book is out of print, but there are a number of places where you can purchase this book online: lists used copies from private sellers: Search

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The Grace Notes courses in the Preaching course has 10 lessons. The lessons are distributed by email. To register for the certificate course, write to Warren Doud.

Lessons Chapters

Chapter I. The Need of Expository Preaching

Chapter II. The Causes of the Dearth of Expository Preaching


Chapter III. The Benefits of Expository Preaching

Chapter IV. Definition of the Expository Method


Chapter V. Illustrations of the Expository Method

Chapter VI. Variations of the Expository Method


Chapter VII. The Spiritual Qualifications of an Expositor

Chapter VIII. The Technical Equipment of an Expositor


Chapter IX. The Basic Doctrinal Prerequisites of an Expositor

Chapter X. The Expositor and the Laws of Logic


Chapter XI. The Expositor and Inductive Reasoning

Chapter XII. The Expositor and Deductive Reasoning


Chapter XIII. The Expositor and Grammatical Interpretation

Chapter XIV. The Expositor and Historical Interpretation


Chapter XV. The Expositor and Doctrinal Interpretation

Chapter XVI. The Expositor and Figurative Language


Chapter XVII. The Expositor and the Interpretation of Parables

Chapter XVIII. The Expositor and Scriptural Typology


Chapter XIX. The Expositor and Biblical Prophecy

Chapter XX. How to Expound Any Passage in the Bible