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Simplified Exposition (Easy English)

This page has links to Easy English (EE) commentaries and translations books of the Bible that are taught in Grace Notes Units I to VIII.

Easy English commentaries and translations have been developed by the Wycliffe Bible Translators and are free to be downloaded from their web site: Easy English.

The documents on the EE web site are in Rich Text Format (RTF), so the files here have been converted to Adobe PDF files to make them more readily available to a world audience.

These documents are created using either the 1200-word simplified or the 2800-word basic English vocabulary. They are especially suited for use by people for whom English is a second or even a third language.

ACTS Translation ACTS Commentary
EPHESIANS Translation EPHESIANS Commentary
MARK Translation MARK Commentary
RUTH Translation RUTH Commentary
TITUS Translation TITUS Commentary