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History 100

History 100 contains some outline surveys of history in the light of the Bible. These can be studied alone or in the context of reading and studying various books of the Bible

Download the whole History 100 study as a single file: History 100 (PDF)

The lessons are distributed by email. To register for the certificate courses, write to Warren Doud.

History 101
History 101 Quiz
Old Testament History, Part 1
History 102
History 102 Quiz
Old Testament History, Part 2
History 103
History 103 Quiz
Old Testament History, Part 3
History 104
History 104 Quiz
Old Testament History, Part 4
History 105
History 105 Quiz
Roman History, Part 1
History 106
History 106 Quiz
Roman History, Part 2
History 107
History 107 Quiz
Roman History, Part 3
History 108
History 108 Quiz
Roman History, Part 4
History 109
History 109 Quiz
Judean History
History 110
History 110 Quiz
Brief History of Crete (in support of the study of Titus)