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History 200 - The Temple: Its Ministry and Services at the Time of Christ

by Alfred Edersheim
"It has been my wish in this book, to take the reader back nineteen centuries; to show him Jerusalem as it was, when our Lord passed through its streets, and the Sanctuary, when He taught in its porches and courts; to portray, not only the appearance and structure of the Temple, but to describe its ordinances and worshippers, the ministry of its priesthood, and the ritual of its services." Alfred Edersheim

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History 201 Chapter 1--A First View of Jerusalem, and of the Temple
The Charm of Jerusalem; Ancient Memories; Origin of the Name; The Situation of Jerusalem; Mount of Olives; The Walls; Tower of Antonia; The Four Hills; High Priest's Palace; The Shushan Gate; The Temple Plateau; Fables of the Rabbis; Jerusalem in Ruins
History 202 Chapter 2--Within the Holy Place
The Royal Bridge; The Temple Porches; Court of the Gentiles; The "Beautiful" Gate; Court of the Women; The Chambers; The Court of Israel; The Altar; The Laver; The Great Stones; The Veil; Our Lord's Prediction
History 203 Chapter 3--Temple Order, Revenues, and Music
Second Temple Inferior in Glory; Lines of Sanctity; Rules of the Rabbis; Wilful Profanity; Its Penalties; Necessity for Discipline; The Tribute Money; Annual Sum of Tribute; Tribute Enforces by Law; How the Money was Spent; The Temple Hymnody; Instrumental Music; The Influence of David; The Harp and the Lute; The Flute; The Human Voice.
History 204 Chapter 4--The Officiating Priesthood
The Priesthood; The Number of Priests; Symbolism of the Priesthood / Mediation; Holiness; The Twenty-four Courses; The Courses After the Captivity; In the Temple of Herod; Duties of Priests and Levites; The Week's Service; These Functions not Sacerdotal; Training of Priests; Office Hereditary; Disqualifications for the Priesthood; The Investiture; The Dress of the High Priest; Allustions to the Dress in the New Testament; The Breastplate / Mitre / Phylacteries; The Fourteen Officers; Their Duties; Lower Officials; Sources of Support for the Priests
History 205 Chapter 5--Sacrifices: Their Order and their Meaning
Symbolism of the Sacrifices; Sacrifices the Center of the Old Testament; The Idea of Substitution; The Paschal Lamb; Bloody and Unbloody Offering; The Requisites of Sacrifice; The Creatures Appointed; The Eleven Sacrifices of the Rabbis; Holy and Less Holy; The Acts of Sacrifice; Laying on of Hands; Sacrifices Slain by the Priests Only; The Application of the Blood; The Flaying; The Burning; New Testament View of Sacrifice Agrees with the Synagogue; Jewish Liturgies; The Eve of Day of Atonement
History 206 Chapter 6--The Burnt-Offering, Sin- and Trespass-Offering, Peace-Offering
The Idea of Substitution; Christ our Substitute; Symbolism of the Burnt Offering; Symbolism of the Sin Offering; The Sin Offering Differed with the Rank of the Offeror; The Blood to be Sprinkled; Symbolism of the Trespass Offering; The Peace Offering; Meat Offerings; Large Number of Priests Needed
History 207 Chapter 7--At Night in the Temple
Allusions to the Temple in the New Testament; Night in the Temple; Change of Priests; The Farewell on the Sabbath; The Night Watches; The Rounds of the Captain; Casting Lots for the Services; The First Lot
History 208 Chapter 8--The Morning and the Evening Sacrifice
Public Prayer; Regulations of the Rabbis; Liturgical Forms; The Lord’s Prayer; Attitude in Prayer; The Two Elements in Prayer; Burning the Incense; Filling the Laver; Preparing the Altar; The Second Lot; The Slaying of the Lamb; The Altar of Incense and the Candlestick; Salting the Sacrifice; Prayer Before the Third Lot; The Lot for Incense; Offering the Incense; Imagery in the Apocalypse; Prayers With the Incense; The Blessing; The Temple Music; The Order of Psalms
History 209 Chapter 9--Sabbath in the Temple
The Law Not a Burden but a Gift; Later Perversion of the Sabbath; The Schools of Shammai and Hillel; Scripture Rules for the Sabbath; The Shewbread; The Table on the Arch of Titus; The Vessels of the Table; The Shewbread Itself; The Mode of Changing; The Symbolism of the Shewbread; The Courses on the Sabbath; The Sabbatical Year; Rabbinical Perversion of the Sabbatical Year
History 210 Chapter 10--Festive Cycles and Arrangement of the Calendar
The Number Seven; The Three Cycles; Three Annual Visits to the Temple; Difficulties of the Calendar; The New Moon; Seven Messengers of the New Moon; Names of the Hebrew Months; The Eras Used by the Jews; The Week
History 211 Chapter 11--The Passover
The Passover; Special Nature of the Passover; Origin of the Name; Institution of the Passover; Directions in the Mishnah; Scripture Records of the Feast; Later Celebrations; Preparations for the Passover; The Custom of Modern Days; The Three Things; Special Preparations; Time of Its Commencement; Choice of the Lamb; Slaying of the Lamb; The Hallel; Completion of the Sacrifice; Our Lord's Celebration of the Feast
History 212 Chapter 12--The Paschal Feast and the Lord's Supper
Jewish Traditions about the Passover; The Modern Ceremonies; Present Ritual Not the Same as the New Testament Times; The Roasting of the Lamb; Distinct From all Levitical Sacrifices; Guests of the Paschal Table; The Use of Wine; The Mishnah Account; The Giving Thanks; The First Cup; The Herbs; The Son's Question; The Dishes; The Breaking of the Bread; The Three Elements of the Feast; The Third Cup; The Supper in Our Lord's Time; Judas Iscariot; Out Lord's Agony
History 213 Chapter 13--The Feast of Unleavened Bread and the Day of Pentecost
The First Day of the Feast; The Day of Our Lord's Betrayal; The Arrest of Our Lord; The Darkness; The Sheaf of Firstfruits; The Morrow After the Sabbath; The Last Day of the Passover; Pentecost; The Two Wave Loaves; The Wave Loaves Were Leavened; The Later Significance of Pentecost
History 214 Chapter 14--The Feast of Tabernacles
The Names of the Feast; The Time of the Feast; The Three Chief Features of the Feast; The Booths; The Fruit and Palm Branches; The Offerings; Special Service at the Temple; The Music of the Feast; The Caily Circuit of the Altar; The References in John 7:37; The Man Born Blind; The Ceremonies in the Court of the Women; The Six Minor Days; The Pouring and Lighting - Post-Mosaic
History 215 Chapter 15--The New Moons. Trumpets, or New Year's Day
The New Moon; The Determination of the New Moon; The Blowing of Trumpets; The Sacrifices of the New Moon; Necessity for Distinguishing the Temple and Synagogue Use; A Prayer of the Third Century AD; The Moon of the Seventh Month; The Mishnah on New Year's Day; The Talmud on the New Year; New Year's Day in Jerusalem; The New Year's Blessings; The First Day of the Seventh Month
History 216 Chapter 16--The Day of Atonement
Weakness of the Law; The Day of Atonement; Its Names; The Teaching of Scripture About the Day; Numbers 29:7-11; The Duties of the High Priest; The Morning Service; The Sin Offering; Choosing the Scapegoat; The Goat Shown to the People; The Confession of Sin and the Sacrifice; The Mercy Seat; The Sprinkling of the Blood; The Cleansing Completed; The Goat Sent into the Wilderness; The Meaning of the Rite; The Teaching of Scripture; The Term "la Azazel"; The Carcasses Burnt "Outside the City"; The High Priest in Golden Garments; The Mishnah; The Day of Atonement in the Modern Synagogue
History 217 Chapter 17--Post-Mosaic Festivals
The Feast of Purim; Ceremonies of the Feast; The Feast of the Dedication of the Temple; The Origin of this Feast; The Feast of Wood Offering; The Wood Used in the Festivals; Fasts
History 218 Chapter 18--On Purification
The Red Heifer; The Offering for the Firstborn; Purification for the Dead; The Six Degrees of Defilement; Death the Greatest Defilement; Levitical Defilement Traceable to Death; The Scapegoat, the Red Heifer, and the Living Bird Dipped in Blood; These Sacrifices Defiled Those Who Took Part in Them; Significance of the Red Heifer; The Sacrifice of the Red Heifer; Children Used in the Offering; Purification of the Leper; Examination of the Leper; Meaning of Leviticus 13:12,13; The Mishnah; The Second Stage; Purification from Suspicion of Adultery; Regulations as Given in the Mishnah
History 219 Chapter 19 Vows. Offering of the First-Fruits. Songs of Ascent. Music
Vows; Man Can Only Vow His Own Things; Carelessness in Later Times; The Nazarite Vow; The Mishnah Regulations; Rabbinical Regulations; Offering the Firstfruits; The Biccurim and Terumoth; Biccurim in the Temple; Songs of Ascent; The Word "Firstfruits" in the New Testament